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Summer Staff

Staff Positions

Our Summer Adult Leadership Team (SALT) assist the program manager in running camp activities and overseeing summer staff. Positions/skills needed include: Lifeguard, HANDS coordinator, Health Officer, Bible Teacher, and Worship Leader.

*SALT team members must be minimum 18 years old.


SONIC are senior counselors. They oversee a group of campers and counselors. You must have previous camp counselor experience to be SONIC.

Counselors work directly with campers, building relationships, encouraging them in Christ, and assisting them in activity areas.

*Summer staff must be minimum 14 years old by the time they work (may be 13 for counselor orientation)


HANDS are our high school support staff. They assist in the kitchen, on a media team, in grounds and maintenance, and perform other tasks that keep camp running smoothly.

Summer 2023 Training Dates

​June 7-9: SONIC Orientation 

June 12-16: Counselor Orientation


Application Information & Instructions

Please read all information & instructions before starting your application

How to Apply


​Our summer staff applications are filled out using UltraCamp online software. In order to fill out an application you will need to create an account. 

A parent/guardian must create an account if the applicant is under 18 years old and must sign forms on their behalf.

Application Steps:

  • Click the "Apply Today" Button Below (VERY IMPORTANT! It takes you exactly to the right place in order to begin the Registration Process - like registering for a week of camp)

  • Click one of the applications to apply:

  • Login or create an UltraCamp account. Make sure the applicant is added to the account if they are not the one creating the account

  • Fill out the application (the button below can be reused if you need to leave the session and come back later).

  • Once you submit your "registration," your part of the application is complete. However, your application is not complete until all 3 of your references have also been submitted. Periodically check with your references to see if they have submitted their forms.

Information Needed

BEFORE Beginning Application

  • References - CANNOT BE RELATED!

    • For 1st Year Applications ONLY (Counselor/SONIC & SALT)​

      • Need 3 names (First and Last) and their email addresses

      • Filling out and sending all 3 references are a required part of the registration process. The registration process is not complete until all 3 references are emailed.

    • For RETURNING Applications (Counselor/SONIC & SALT): References are NOT required if all past references are on file.​​

  • Job History

    • You will need information on your last 2 jobs if you have any work history.

    • Put "N/A" in each required field if you do not/have not worked.

  • Essay

    • Have the answers to the following essay questions typed out ahead of time, then copy and paste you answers into the text box provided (you will have approximately 20 minutes before the page times out and you will loose your work).

    • Questions:
      • What things are you doing to nurture your Bible study, prayer life, and relationships with others?

      • Who is Jesus to you? Was there a specific moment in time where you accepted Him as LORD? How has your life changed by believing in God?​

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