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MAX Programs

Learn, Grow, Bond

A Maximum Adventure Xperience (MAX) is designed for groups who want to build relationships and work together better. A day MAX program consists of teambuilding, low ropes elements, and either climbing tower or high ropes course.


Inside this framework, we customize your experience to fit your specific goals. Whether it's overcoming personality differences, learning to communicate better, developing encouragement, or just getting to know each other better, we will help you achieve your objectives for your group!

MAX programs are perfect for a school class, family, corporate team, or church ministry group. Everyone has room to grow and learn!

MAX Camp

Maximum Adventure...Maximized!

MAX Camp takes the concept of the MAX program to another level by giving students and teachers an extended, overnight adventure experience.


The program offers additional opportunities for activities, such as canoeing, archery, orienteering, campfire, outdoor pool, hayrides, and the Harv Chrouser Activity Center. Comfortable overnight accommodations are in Five Pines’ Carriage House Lodge, with four meals provided.


This experience allows for building deeper relationships with students, having more time for advanced activities, extra time for group processing, and additional opportunities to be a positive influence on kids.

When scheduling a MAX Program or Camp with Five Pines, a common question is what happens if your group needs to reschedule or cancel. Click here for a general overview of the rescheduling/cancellation process, especially when weather is a factor. 

MAX Mission

The MAX Program provides a unique environment where each person is challenged to develop both personal and relational skills.

Leadership skills and the ability to cooperate as a team are highly prized skills, but we know that they don’t come easily. MAX programs are designed to combat the trend of comfort-based thinking by encouraging a growth mindset and providing tools for conflict resolution and healthy communication.

MAX Objectives

It is our desire that every participant who goes through a MAX program will see growth in these areas:

  • An increased ability to communicate as a part of a team

  • Better problem-solving skills

  • An awareness of their own and others’ personal worth

  • A perspective that values lifelong growth

This is accomplished through:

  • Professional facilitation

  • Experiential activities

  • Perceived risk (i.e. heights)

  • New environment

  • Biblical perspective

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