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MAX Programs

Learn, Grow, Bond

A Maximum Adventure Xperience (MAX) is designed for groups who want to build relationships and work together better. A day MAX program consists of teambuilding, low ropes elements, and either climbing tower or high ropes course.


Inside this framework, we customize your experience to fit your specific goals. Whether it's overcoming personality differences, learning to communicate better, developing encouragement, or just getting to know each other better, we will help you achieve your objectives for your group!

MAX programs are perfect for a school class, family, corporate team, or church ministry group. Everyone has room to grow and learn!

MAX Camp

Maximum Adventure...Maximized!

MAX Camp takes the concept of the MAX program to another level by giving students and teachers an extended, overnight adventure experience.


The program offers additional opportunities for activities, such as canoeing, archery, orienteering, campfire, outdoor pool, hayrides, and the Harv Chrouser Activity Center. Comfortable overnight accommodations are in Five Pines’ Carriage House Lodge, with four meals provided.


This experience allows for building deeper relationships with students, having more time for advanced activities, extra time for group processing, and additional opportunities to be a positive influence on kids.

MAX Objectives

  • To provide an environment which uses experiential education to increase knowledge, develop new skills, and clarify values.

  • To use perceived risk activities with "your challenge, your choice" philosophy to allow kids to step out of their comfort zone to increase self and group discovery.

  • To use challenge based learning to encourage positive behaviors and outcomes which enhance the growth of leadership development.

Highlights of MAX

  • A well-balanced schedule which is customized to meet school curriculum or specific objectives.

  • Over 20,000 participants have engaged in the program since 1995.

  • Program designed to increase knowledge, develop new skills, and clarify values through challenge-based learning.

  • Certified course to meet Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards.

  • Certified, trained staff, with experience in teambuilding facilitation, all aspects of operating a challenge course, and skilled in processing.

MAX Philosophy

Use experiential education and perceived risk activities to facilitate students:

  • stepping out of their comfort zone

  • experiencing nature

  • growing in motor, social, cognitive, and emotional skills

  • developing leadership qualities

  • clarifying values


The ultimate goal of the MAX program is to provide a safe, hands-on learning environment that focuses on giving students an opportunity for personal growth by:

  • developing trust

  • increasing self-esteem/self-worth

  • establishing goals

  • improving communication

  • respecting differences

  • resolving conflict

  • solving problems


The core of the program is in kids processing their experience through small group discussions, which reinforce the group’s goals and objectives.