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Become a builder of ministry at Five Pines

Enjoy this concept art of the Multi-Purpose Room Addition!

We’re improving our camper experience through this project to Rebuild, Build, and Play. We are eager to provide facilities where relationship-building moments happen best for our campers. Please take just a moment to give as you feel led and be part of building the future of Five Pines. 

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As of March 31, 2024:

We have $97,959.41 of the $720,000.00 Goal!

PHASE I: It is time to Rebuild several areas of the Carriage House to make our guests more comfortable. Improving these spaces allow our campers to focus on the program and challenges they experience at camp. These areas include:

  • Restrooms

  • Kitchen and appliances

  • Staircase and more!

PHASE II: We will Build a new addition for designated worship and inclement weather days.

  • Entryway with bathrooms and storage

  • Large multi-purpose space

PHASE III: Play! We are excited to be planning a large area for unique outdoor play. This would include:

  • Space for 50 guests to enjoy both individually and in small groups

  • Multi-story construction with elements both challenging and fun!

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