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Join Our Staff Team!

Summer Staff

Serve, Care, Be Changed

Become a Five Pines Ministries summer staffer! Working at Five Pines Ministries is so much more than something to do with your summer down time. You’ll develop leadership skills, change the lives of campers, and grow in your relationship with Christ.

Click here for more descriptions and information on how to apply.


Year-Round Staff

Our year-round staff are a mix of volunteer, hourly, and salaried people. We are dedicated to making Five Pines Ministries the best that it can be and use our time and skills to serve our guests and each other. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please click here. Below are positions we are interested in hiring:

Activities Staff

We are always looking for good activities staff who can work in food service, program, and basic maintenance in a part-time, as needed capacity. The ideal candidates for these roles would be regularly available, love to work with people (especially kids), able to follow instruction, and willing to work hard. Please contact for details or to apply.

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