Bring-A-Friend Program

We initiated the Bring-A-Friend Program to encourage current guests to invite new families to participate in summer camp. Through discounted rates, this program recognizes the efforts of an inviting family and welcomes the new family.

To receive this discount:

  1. Enter the name(s) of the campers who you are referring in the text box (located at the bottom of the discount section during your registration process).

  2. Contact each (new to Five Pines) family you are inviting and inform them of the Bring-A-Friend Program.

  3. Instructions for new family:

    • The new family registers their camper(s) here

    • The new family then contacts the Five Pines Office at 269-815-5527 or at to inform Five Pines that they have been referred through the Bring-A-Friend Program and provide the name of the referring family.

  4. When both families are registered and Five Pines has been informed of the connection, the $25.00 discount (to the family who referred) and $25.00 scholarship (to the referred family) will then be applied to the account balances. All qualifications must be met and affirmed by Five Pines.

• "New families" are families who have not attended summer camp in the past two years.
• Referrals are not accepted for members of the same household.
• Only one referring family will receive a discount for each new camper. The new family names the beneficiary as stated above. 

Please Note*
• Although each new family can only be claimed once, you can refer as many new families as you wish and receive a $25.00 discount for each new camper that qualifies and goes through the procedure stated above.
• In order for both referring and referred families to receive the discount(s)/scholarship, both families must be registered and attend camp.