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Bring-A-Friend Program

The Bring-A-Friend Program rewards camper families who invite new families to participate at Five Pines. This provides a reduced price for both the camper and the new, invited friend.


  • Both families register children for camp here.

  • After registration, both you and the other family fill out the form below.

    • Each invitation needs 1 form for each child (1 for the inviter and 1 for the invited).

    • Whoever the invited camper confirms as the inviter will receive the reward of the invitation. This is important when they are invited by multiple people.

    • Example: If Susan invites Jason and Diane

      • Susan's family needs to fill out 2 forms, 1 for inviting Jason and 1 for Susan inviting Diane.

      • Both Jason and Diane's family/ies need to fill out 1 form for Jason being invited by Susan, and 1 form for Diane being invited by Susan. 

  • When both families are registered and have submitted the form below to inform Five Pines of the connection, the $25.00 discount (to the family who did the inviting) and $25.00 scholarship (to the invited family) will then be applied to the account balances. Five Pines reserves the right to affirm if the invitation meets all qualifications.

• "New families" are families who have not attended summer camp in the past two years.
• Invitations are not accepted for members of the same household.
• Only one inviting family will receive a discount for each new camper. The new family names the beneficiary as stated above. 

• In order for both families to receive the discount(s)/scholarship, both families must be registered and attend camp.

Please Note: Although each new family can only be claimed once, you can refer as many new families as you wish and receive a $25.00 discount for each new camper that qualifies and goes through the procedure stated above.

Bring-A-Friend Registration

Thanks for submitting!

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